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My Sweden Story

Coming from a humble family, my parents firmly believed in the power of education. Being the first graduate in the family and the first person to travel to Sweden to pursue my Postgraduation & Doctorate dreams. I pursued my passion for Medicine, which had captivated me since childhood. During my time in Sweden, I worked in various medical science research facilities, conducted extensive doctoral research, and delved deep into the realms of human science and cutting-edge medical research technologies. My career took a beautiful turn when I confirmed my pregnancy & became a mother in September 2018 (the entire 40week journey happened in Sweden including giving birth) to our beautiful baby Boy-Aram Amizhthan. This is when I decided to become a brith and yoga instructor to help other pregnant mom’s enjoy their journey like I did.

Birth of AMIZH Birth&Yoga

The story of our pregnancy and delivery is something that stays evergreen in a mom’s memory. And what if I told you that the experience of giving birth did not have to be as nerve-wracking as it is commonly portrayed to be? You can have a happy and healthy pregnancy and birth if you find teh right support who can give you the right knowledge and teach you techniques to help prepare your mind and body for giving birth and motherhood journey. If you have read my pregnancy story, you would now know that, I am looking forward to assisting and training pregnant women residing in any part of the world to have a birth that they will happily cherish for the rest of their lives. This is something that I hope to be able to do for the rest of my life through AMIZH Birth&Yoga.

My Pregnancy Story

Birthing my son in Sweden was unforgettable & life-changing. It was a long 40wk 5day with 48hr of intense labor journey ending in a vaginal birth.This extraordinary event taught me 2 things. 1. The importance of physical & emotional preparation for a fearless pregnancy and delivery, 2. ‘Ignorance is NOT a bliss’. I must admit everyday yoga until wk39 & self-taught pregnancy information got me through those awful discomforts which i suffered throughout my pregnancy & labor pain & made me feel calm&happy inside. I have heard many stories from family & friends, including my sister & sister-in-law, and learned that not all women have pleasant labour experiences as they are supposed to. Many women experience stressful pregnancies due to the myths & fears around pregnancy & birth that goes unanswered. Hence I intend to give other pregnant mothers the right guidance needed for a fearless & safe birthing through AMIZH Birth&Yoga.

To understand what exactly an expecting mom needs inorder to have a healthy and happy pregnancy and childbirth journey, I conducted a survey among 150 new mom’s from all over India who had given birth recently.

Following are few key aspects that the pregnant mother’s participated in survey wished someone had told before giving birth

  • Types of Birth
  • Choosing a Doctor or a hospital that suits them
  • What to expect in several trimesters?
  • What to expect in labor room?
  • Importance of taking control and being an active participant during birth
  • How to manage labor?
  • How to Breastfeed?
  • What to expect the first 24hrs after giving birth?
  • What to expect in postpartum period?
  • Whom to seek help when there is breastfeeding or postpartum issue?
  • How to recover after giving birth?
  • What about contraception options after giving birth?
  • What are the complications and how to avoid them?

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Yoga alliance Certified Yoga Instructor Specialized in Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Training Birth of ‘AMIZH Birth&Yoga’


Completed my International certification on Childbirth Education, CCCE (CAPPA USA) Became Advanced Certified Lactation professional, ACLP (Begin Ed India)


Finished with my PhD/Doctoral studies. Birth of my Son-Aram Amizhthan in Sweden


Returned to Sweden. Started my Doctoral studies in Medical Sciences


Graduated in Molecular Medicine. Moved to Japan


Moved to Sweden for postgraduation

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